ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona

ROMEO Art is our space to highlight and exhibit everyone from budding queer artists and students to established creators. In this edition, we feature Jav Rubín, a talented illustrator from Bilbao, now living in Barcelona. Rubín listens to the stories of his friends and lovers, to inspire his art. The pieces are a retelling of those authentic tales. He shares some of his collection with us here.

ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona

In Conversation with the Artist

Please introduce yourself to our ROMEO audience. "I’m Jav Rubín, an illustrator from Bilbao, raised in Madrid and now living in Barcelona for the last seven years. I graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, and nowadays, I’m totally dedicated to illustration and visual arts."

ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona - Dont Here
Don't Here


What would you like to say with your art? "It was through illustration that I found the tool to showcase my world, my reality as I understand it, always searching for the dark side of feelings, while making them visible in my artwork. By means of a realist style, I try to get close to the subconscious, immersing reality into a world of emotions and dreams, exposing the authentic gaze of a generation defined by instability and immediacy."

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ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona The Butterfly Effect
The Butterfly Effect


How do you choose your models and your themes? "I choose the models by means of their stories. They are people close to me that tell me about their experiences in love and life in general. Through them, I get to find the best way of representing a generalized feeling that ultimately defines us all."

Romeo Art - Gallery

ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona Strange Love
Strange Love
ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona- Quiet
ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona - Influencer
ROMEO Art - Jav Rubín - Barcelona - Antes de convertirnos en piedra
Antes de convertirnos en piedra

Where can people find more of your art? "You can already buy some of my work in shops throughout Spain, and in Rome, Italy. A great digital gallery of my work can be found on my Instagram, and I also have an online store."


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