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ROMEO Art is our space to highlight and exhibit everyone from budding queer artists and students to established creators. In this edition, we feature Artur Garba, a fine art student from Brazil. Garba loves realistic drawings and has created a series based on the theme, GAY POWER. He shares some of his collection with us here and gives us a hint as to what step two for this project might be.

ROMEO Art #2 - Artur Garba - Gay Power sketch drawing
Gay Power by Artur Garba

In Conversation with the Artist

Tell us how you first became an artist?

“Since childhood, I’ve always loved to draw, but I never believed it was something that would lead me somewhere. As I was growing up I fell deeply in love with all sorts of art; I love singing, composing, writing, and also love theatre. I’m currently studying art faculty. The course provides me with the development of new techniques and art styles. I love innovation and originality. I never get trapped in a single art form.”


What would you like to say with your art?

“My art has always been in the realistic style. I never knew if I would like to say something with it and recently I even got a little tired of it. I love realistic drawings, and I will not stop with them, but I want a new thing that has a symbology, a meaning. That’s something I’m exploring in my drawings from the series GAY POWER. This is part one, but there will be a second step later. I am creating art (which I have not yet divulged) that will tell the stories of people through drawings, gays, gay couples, lesbians, the whole community LGBTQ, people of color, etc. All based on real stories of real people. The drawings intend to show the audience, through art, how much these people suffered and how they overcame today.”

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How do you choose your models and your themes?

“I choose the theme of my arts depending on the style. As I already mentioned, I am creating art, inspired by real stories. In creating realistic drawings and doodles, I seek to draw my favorite artists and some friends. I love every step of the drawing process; eyes, nose, mouth, to me all this is fantastic, and my greatest pleasure is to play, to draw cartoons. I choose moments that I do not want to forget, characters that marked my childhood, etc.”

Where can people find more of your art?

“Anyone can find me on Instagram. Soon I will be launching my site.”

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