Romeo Art #1 - James Weston - Sweet nothing

Romeo Art #1 – James Weston – Sweet nothing

This is our first Romeo Art blog post and our first featured artist is James Weston, a fine art student from Birmingham in the U.K. We first spotted the talented drawings of this young Englishman on his Instagram and were immediately hooked. The talented Mr. Weston shares his work with us here, and gives us a little insight into the thinking behind the drawings.

Romeo Art #1 - James Weston - Sweet nothing Harness

In Conversation with the Artist

What would you like to say with your art?

“My work, at this moment in time, I guess you could say in a nutshell, studies the male body. That aside, it’s also to do with one’s mental state. Previous projects I’ve worked on have discussed or portrayed, self-image and censorship within art itself. The current project, ‘Sweet Nothing’ is about that, but in addition to that, it is also someone else’s control over how you look, feel, what you do and how you live. Adding nudity to this formula just lays it bare, for all to see.”

Romeo Art #1 - James Weston - Sweet nothing Jake Bass
Jake Bass

How do you choose your subjects?

“The subjects I choose to illustrate are usually just the men I personally find attractive. Mostly, the choice subject I like to use as a character model would be, Jake Bass; probably because I’ve sketched him more than any other man.”

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Romeo Art #1 - James Weston - Sweet nothing Queen

You tend to use black, white and red and the occasional filter, can you tell me more about the reasoning behind these choices?

“The main reasoning behind the use of only black, white and red in my work is pretty simple. Aesthetic. But I’d like to think the use of black and white is about a balance between the self-hate and self-love, whereas the red emphasizes a lust for acceptance, something I believe the gay community desires even today.”

Romeo Art #1 - James Weston - Sweet nothing

What are you doing now?

“Currently trying to do more work so I can set something up like a webstore for my art, if there’s enough interest. My Instagram should keep you up to date with things.”

Romeo Art #1 – Gallery

James Westin Fine Art Sweet Nothing Chair Boy James Westin Fine Art Sweet Nothing Red Sex Harness

James Westin Fine Art Sweet Nothing Harness cuffs hairy butt crack   James Westin Fine Art Sweet Nothing Big Dick

James Westin Fine Art Sweet Nothing Supplicant

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