Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 – Vienna

We’re highlighting a high profile EuroPride guest, and the most famous cartoonist in Germany, Ralf König. Ralf will be presenting his new work, Stehaufmännchen at Buchhandlung Löwenherz as part of the EuroPride celebrations.

Vienna is hosting EuroPride for the second time. This year’s theme is ‘Together and Proud’ and the festivities already kicked off on June 1st, and continue to mid June. The Austrian capital will be filled with LGBTQ role models, allies, and community leaders and a whole lot of parties. Below we tell you a little more about Ralf König and list three gay venues to visit in Vienna.

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna

Ralf König – Comic Books

Ralf König is one of the best known and most commercially successful German comic book creators. König’s stories are drawn in an expressive cartoon style. Consistently written with humor, they occasionally deal with serious topics such as the tension between sexual freedom and the risk of AIDS infection. His work has repeatedly portrayed daily routines of gay life; often based on personal experiences of himself and his friends.

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna

A word from the Löwenherz Bookstore

Veit from Löwenherz informs us, “The king of potato-noses presents his new comic, Stehaufmännchen, and signs his books. Ralf König is Gay Life’s chronicler. He has described for decades, what touches us as gay men, what scares us, what we laugh about, what embarrasses us, and what turns us on.”

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna
Ralf König’s latest book

Public Reading

Ralf König’s public readings are hilarious. The master himself lends his voice to his heroes until the room is quivering. He will present his new work at the iconic bookstore, and make himself available to sign autographs after both talks on Tuesday, and Wednesday. He has created two special images for Vienna EuroPride, one for gay men (below), and one for lesbians (at the end).

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna

EuroPride 2019 – Info

EuroPride already started on June 1st, and has more than 30 events planned and expects around a million visitors. EuroPride shows us how LGBTQ-friendly Vienna is. The Austrian capital previously hosted EuroPride in 2001 as well.

ROMEO Recommends

The EuroPride program includes a wide range of events – from parties and sports events to conferences – all of which deal with equal opportunities for LGBT people.

Below we list three places in Vienna that could be interesting to you:

Café Savoy

The Café Savoy is a traditional coffeehouse dating back to the 19th century; at the same time an exceptional LGBTQ bar. Located directly on the Naschmarkt, it charms its guests with a unique atmosphere and rich history. Enjoy Vienna and relax with a good coffee, refreshing drinks, and delicious dishes.

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna


Kaiserbründl is the largest Viennese men’s sauna with an area of more than 1.700 m² on 4 floors. It has distinctive furnishings and exceptional interiors. This sauna was built in 1889 in the Moorish style. It has been run as a pure men’s sauna since 1990. The last time I was there admission was about €20 and reserved for men, with only a few exceptions. There are two bars, a restaurant, historical pool, Finnish sauna, steam bath, winter garden, massage rooms, as well as various special events. Lovely staff, great food, and they sometimes have a foam party, which is a great way to reach out and touch somebody.

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna

Löwenherz Bookstore

This is the bookstore for gay and lesbian readers, and the official bookstore of EuroPride, and the venue to host two readings by Ralf König. Check it out.

Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna

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Ralf König at EuroPride 2019 - Vienna

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