QuickShare: Quick & Easy

QuickShare: Quick & Easy

QuickShare allows you to share your private photos easily for just 1 hour. It’s available on all our platforms but it’s especially handy for our App users. Since softcore and hardcore photos cannot be displayed publicly in our App, saving these images in your QuickShare album allows you to share them at the touch of a button.

Add photos to your QuickShare album

You can include photos of anything you want, and you’re able to decide exactly who gets to see them. Of course, your private pictures don’t have to be X-rated, but they can be.

1 hour access

When you share your QuickShare album with someone the clock starts counting down as soon as they open the album. After 60 minutes their time is up and they no longer have access to the album. They can only request access one-time in a 24 hour period. While someone has access to your QuickShare album, you can still add or delete photos and your changes appear in real time.

Requesting and sharing: getting access is super easy!

On the current desktop just go to any profile and hit the QuickShare album icon. You’ll receive a message whenever someone wants to see your photos and whenever someone has shared their album with you. To share your album with a user in the App, just click the round flash icon to the right in his profile. This saves you the hassle of having to send your photos one by one. If a user’s QuickShare album is activated you’ll see the QuickShare album icon in the photo gallery of his profile. You can click it to ask for access to his album.

QuickShare makes sharing photos much quicker and easier, and much more fun.


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