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Queer Careers – Pim Nugteren, Journalist

Queer Careers is an ongoing series featuring ‘out and proud’ professionals. This time, we speak to Pim Nugteren, a Marketing Communication Manager and an established journalist. Pim speaks to us frankly about what it takes to make it and he has one super tip to help you get what you want. 

Pim Nugteren Queer Careers Journalist Carré

Where are you from/where did you grow up?

“I am from the Netherlands. I was born in Gouda but moved to Rotterdam at a young age. About three years ago I moved to Amsterdam for work. It’s where I live now.”

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Pim Nugteren Queer Careers Journalist Glamour Magazine

What inspired you to become a journalist?

“I always loved writing. As a young kid, I discovered I had a weird way of looking at life and thinking about ordinary things that are different from other people. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s as if I just see the world a bit different. I found out it gives me a good feeling when I write those thoughts down. At first, it was just for me to read. I used to keep stories and poems locked away, safe in my diary. But as I got older as a teenager I started to share some of those stories with my friends. They liked them and convinced me to send them in. That’s how I got my first column at age 18. I guess what I want with my writing is to show people that whatever they think or feel about life is normal and it doesn’t mean they are weird. I hope people see a bit of themselves in my writings and think, “Hey, I’m not alone after all.”

Pim Nugteren Queer Careers Journalist DJ Promoter with DJ Leroy Sendar
Pim with DJ Leroy Sendar

You work in so many different fields, what excites you the most?

“I do a lot of different things. I guess I just like to keep myself busy. Whether it’s writing my columns, booking a gig for DJ Leroy Sendar, working in marketing, doing an interview, or doing the volunteer work, I guess I like to contribute something to this world. In everything I do, I make sure I’m doing it because it matters. It all has a positive effect on other peoples lives.”

Pim Nugteren Queer Careers Theatre Carré

What’s gay life like for you in Amsterdam?

“It’s okay I guess. I used to enjoy going out to bars and clubs, also because of the many performances of the DJ I manage of course, but I stopped doing most of that a while ago. It just feels weird celebrating the freedom that we have just because we were coincidently born in this country where there is freedom when other people in other places on this earth don’t have any of this. It makes me feel very sad thinking about it. That’s also part of the reason why I started doing volunteer work with LGBTI refugees. I believe we all deserve freedom.”

Are you single?

“Yes, unfortunately, I am. Any suggestions? I’m very open to them. ;)”

Pim Nugteren PLANETROMEO Queer Careers Single

What would you like to be doing in 5 years from now?

“Oh wow, that’s a hard question. In five years from now, I think I would definitely still want to be busy doing great things I love. But also I would really like to maybe get married and raise a kid as well. I hope I would one day be a great husband and father.”

Pim Nugteren Queer Careers Journalist PLANETROMEO

Can you talk to me a little about your career, how did you learn to promote yourself, target a particular market, etc?

“I don’t think it’s so much promoting yourself. That sounds forced. I think it’s more just being social and talking to a lot of other people. Networking as they call it, both offline and online. Be kind, be interested and people will return the favor. I’ve been taught once that you can never get what you want if you don’t tell people what you want. It sounds simple, but it’s true. Most people are too scared or embarrassed to say what they really want. So they never get it, because nobody knows they wanted it in the first place.

Pim Nugteren Queer Careers Journalist PLANETROMEO

What is the hardest part of your job?

“I guess it’s keeping everything going and just day to day time management. This might come as a surprise, but I can be really lazy sometimes. I’m my own worst enemy. There is nothing I like more than to sleep all day on a Sunday and cuddle with my cat so I guess the hardest thing for me is to tell myself to get out of bed and start working on a day like that. Other than that I just really enjoy everything I do. I think that’s the most important. Life is too short to do things that don’t make you happy.”

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To read more of Pim’s thoughts, you can follow his writings over on his personal website and to see more cute pics of this high achieving multi-tasking journalist, you can follow his adventures on Instagram.

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