PLANETROMEO Beta has been live since June. It’s the newest member to our family and we’re very excited to see Beta grow. During the roll out of our new site we have been improving and re-mastering our service as an online community. We wanted to take this moment to look at the benefits of a PLUS membership.

We’re always working to improve and boost your experience online and make it easier to make connections. We offer a PLUS membership that gives paid users extra perks and bonuses to make your online experience richer. So, we’ve listed our PLUS Features here.

Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is a feature that can make searching for the perfect date a little more anonymous. Every time you open a profile a timer begins to count down. You have 30 seconds to decide whether to hide your visit or not by clicking the ‘hide visit’ icon. If you open a profile and decide the guy is just not for you, cover your tracks and he’ll never know you were there. You can also choose to be invisible online so no one can see your profile is active and you can search in secret. Important to note, if you open a profile you are no longer invisible to that user, so you will leave a track.


XXX Content

As a paid member you are also entitled to see all X-rated pictures and adult content: no restrictions. Imagine how much easier it is to find a guy you know you are going to match with because you’ve seen it all in advance.



Our QuickShare feature was already covered in detail in a previous blog post. In short, you create an album of private pictures, which you can then make available to another user for an hour. A fleeting glimpse into your private life with the security of knowing it won’t be open for long. PLUS members have unlimited access to this feature so you can request and share as often as you like.


Unlimited Storage

There’s no limit on storage for PLUS members, you can literally save as many pictures, profiles and favourites as you like. This means you won’t have to waste time deciding which pictures to keep and which to delete to make space for new ones, because you can just keep them all.


No Ads

The good news is, as a paid member you won’t have any ads distracting you when you log in. As a thank you for being a PLUS member we keep ads out of your Romeo Life.

Save Your Filters

And perhaps our most powerful update yet, the detailed search. You use filters to focus your search. The filter design is incredibly user friendly. You have three slider bars to set age range, height and weight. You also get to select the usual things like profiles with pictures, or profiles without. Then you can begin to search immediately or you can continue to add details to your search to help you find your perfect fit. PLANETROMEO PLUS members get to save their filter settings. The next time you log in, PLANETROMEO will remember your last search and you can pick up where you left off.


PLUS Payment

All of these features go a long way to making your experience online more fun and to increase you time connecting with guys rather than looking for them. We have very reasonable price plans for PLUS members, if you opt for the yearly package it works out at as little as €3.75/Month.

PLANETROMEO is committed to our users’ needs and we want to continue to improve and grow. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on our site you can add it to our Wishlist. As a PLANETROMEO Beta PLUS member you know you are getting the most out of your online experience.