Play our footprints translation game!

Put your language and logic skills to the test with our footprints quiz! PlanetRomeo is used by guys all over the world, and our site is translated into 22 languages. But do you know your Italian from your Spanish? Your Dutch from your German? For each footprint you see here, there are four possible translations, each in a different language. All you need to do is pick the correct translation for each footprint, but beware – some of them are harder than others! Happy guessing, guys…

Let’s start off super easy. Which of these is our ‘Hello!’ footprint?





OK, let’s get a little harder. Which is the right translation for our ‘Very Hot’ footprint?


Toller Body



Can you guess which of these is our ‘Horny Pig’ footprint?

Seksi popo

Tack så mycket!

Bel porcello


Can you guess which of these is our ‘Lovely Eyes!’ footprint?

Mooie ogen

Niezłe ciuchy


Vraiment mignon

Do you know which of these translations goes with the ‘Intelligent’ footprint?

Sladak si

Bulunya, wuih!



This is a tricky one – can you tell which of these translations goes with this footprint?

Mông sexy

J’ai envie de toi

Gostou? Me escreva

Hayalimdeki erkek!

Do you know how to tell a guy you want to have his baby?

Vreau să am un copil cu tine!

Izvini, nisam zainteresovan

Estoy pensando en ti

Sulla mia lunghezza d’onda

Now for a really tough one – which of these translations means ‘So cuddly’?


Μου λείπεις



Try again…

Looks like someone needs to brush up on their language skills!

Not bad!

A good attempt, but some extra studying might still be in order!

Nice one!

Good going! You know your languages pretty well!

Language expert

Wow! You’re a real pro! Will you give us some tips?