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The Gay Bundestag Election 2017

In a few days German citizens will go to the voting polls to elect the next members of Parliament. But how would gay men vote? Are there any deviations from the current forecasts?

We conducted a small opinion poll at the beginning of September (just after the debate) in which 38,000 Romeos participated. Wow!!!!

We’d like to point out that we did not make any interpretations of the results but you are welcome to download and share these results freely. 

And now for the results « drumroll please »

If you were to vote, which party would you vote for?

Participents planning to vote in 2017

Does a party’s position on LGBT issues influence your vote? 

Stance on LGBT issues voting influence

Which party did you vote for in the 2013 elections?

2013 Election

Are you planning to vote on September 24th?

To Vote or not To Vote

Where are you eligible to vote?

Eligible by region

How old are you?

Thank You

We would like to thank all participants and we wish all our German Romeos an exciting 2017 Election.