Temptation is everywhere in August, but it could be that you are looking backward and revisiting a romantic tryst that is indelibly etched in your memory. With a Lunar Eclipse on August 7 in your Twelfth House of the past (also called the “house of sneaking around”), an old love could resurface. Perhaps you never really gave up on that person, and with Mercury turning retrograde a few days later and stirring up nostalgia, perhaps the idea of unfinished business is on your mind. You may just want to get together for makeup sex, or in this case, lost time sex. For the single Pisces, a Solar Eclipse in grandiose Leo knows that you aren’t looking for love, but it happens anyway, and you feel it is fate at work in your life. A voice in your head is shouting for you to engage in naughty goings on and you try to ignore that voice, but it doesn’t stop. August promises long hours of kinky romantic interludes and more enticing encounters than you can possibly reel in. This month finds you still grappling with nostalgia or, on a positive note, falling head over heels for that new and compelling prospect.

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