The question isn’t if you’re going to fall in love, but when. In week 1, you unexpectedly begin to see someone in a new way. Single? You may be surprised by your feelings for a close friend and not know quite what to do about it. Luckily week 2 helps you make the decision about how to proceed. By the end of the week, you feel good about your choices regarding the future. Nervous about your partner’s thoughts? It might be time for “the talk.” But, keep it casual, so you both remain comfortable. Week 3 asks that partnered Pisces consider getting closer. You’re ready to take a new step together, so why not get started? An argument could be brewing under the surface at the beginning of week 4, but try to avoid it for something fun instead. A funny movie or comedy show lightens the mood fast. The end of the month encourages you to speak your truth in a way that positively transforms your love life.

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