You need to get your hair did, get your unibrow plucked and sort out your garden. What happened to you last month? You let it grow! When you’re done trimming and manscaping your downstairs, and your back there  – oh and your taint – then you can start to feel better about all the hearts you’re going to break this October. You’re a man on a mission and you’re taking no prisoners.

You’re usually trying to find yourself, and you might often find yourself in someone else’s arms because when you crush, you crush hard and frequently. This month the moon has other plans for you my darling Pisces, so book yourself a ticket to adventure and get ready to rumble.

You have a tendency to see the best in people and get caught up in the fantastical version of reality, which means a shit relationship for you might still look like sunshine and daisies. Because of all your feelings, you’re a super caring partner, whose loving nature is always attractive. Put that saint like behaviour on hold, just this one time, PLEASE!


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