Mister Pisces, you’re one of the Zodiac’s most romantic signs. You love to get incredibly emotionally, and physically, close to those you love, and this month is no exception. In week one, romance brings married and partnered couples together to share new goals. If you want to recommit to one another, then write your vows and try not to get emotional. Single Pisces natives. You may find that someone out of the blue captures your heart. Just be sure to make plans and follow up so you can get to know each other better! Week 2, romance blooms with you and your significant other! You may even be moved to splurge on a super fabulous and extravagant gift or dinner. Whenever you’re together, it’s worth every penny. If you need to talk something out, then look toward week two. It’s the best time to do so. You and your partner may find that you’re on the same page anyway. Week 3 brings even more productive conversations, this time about the roots you’re putting down as a couple. By week 4, all you can think about is each other. You’re passionate on an average day, but the middle of week 4 takes it to new heights. So, enjoy everything you do together.

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