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Pineapple is a photography blog founded in 2016, with the aim to be an inspirational platform for photographers and artists. It's committed to male erotica, and fans of the male form. The site always tries to showcase fresh talent. 

Photographer Hiram Di Lorenzo

Male Pipedream

Pineapple produces a magazine, Male Pipedream, and they've just released the 3rd edition. Each issue tries to strike a balance between high concept art, humor, and queer expression. Issues have included, queer embroidery, pineapples, photography, sketches and some naughty cartoon work. 


Our Selection

We've selected some of our favorite photographers from Pineapple to present here. Each title is the name of the photographer. To submit your own work for consideration just contact the friendly team at Pineapple. As a special bonus, we also have the first issue available for you to download from now until the end of October. You can find the  download button at the bottom of this page. Enjoy.




Janssem Cardoso


Florian Tenk


Brandon Simmoneau


Alex Sanchez


Rafa Casares




Further Editions

For further editions of Male Pipedream and to find out more about Pineapple, please visit their blog.

Download Issue Zero

We have Male Pipedream Issue Zero (71MB) available for free download from now until October 31st. So, hit download now and enjoy the beauty and the fun of Pineapple's Art E-zine.

Download PDF


If you have a favorite artist, porn star, or queer public figure you’d like us to interview, send your suggestion to

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