Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF)

Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF)

The Berlin Performing Arts Festival (PAF) started in 2016 and is a celebration of theatre, song, and dance. PAF showcases the diversity of Berlin’s independent performing arts community at numerous theaters and performance venues throughout Germany’s capital from May 28 to June 2.

We’re highlighting one PAF show, I AM LIBERATION, inspired by flirting and conversations on ROMEO. For the full festival programme visit PAF.

Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF)

I AM LIBERATION (but don’t smile)

Combining physical theatre, opera singing, live baroque & techno music, I AM LIBERATION explores the search for connection in the context of the community that is currently emanating from the Village Berlin. Many of the stories developed in this movement and opera piece originated on ROMEO.

Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF)

Horny Emotions

Ludwig Obst is one of the director’s of this piece and he tells us a little about the shows development and themes.

Don’t smile in the darkroom: in the world of gay cruising – whether online or offline – even the merest scent of emotion might be misunderstood. The unspoken rules in gay scenes of big cities like Berlin are clear. Unless you’re horny, showing how you feel can seem more obscene than showing your genitals.

– Ludwig Obst


Performing Arts Festival Berlin (PAF)

Looking For Instant Love

A new generation of queer men is emerging with a greater level of emotional awareness, trying to fight toxic masculinity and be more inclusive, we nevertheless follow the old rules of engagement when we look for love. This instant sex culture, while briefly satisfying our immediate urges, often leads to deep loneliness and depression. But what does it take to develop genuine connections and effective ways of communicating not only what we want, but also how we feel?

– Ludwig Obst

I AM LIBERATION (but dont smile)

31.05.2019 20:30 Uhr
01.06.2019 18:00 Uhr

Performing Arts Festival Berlin
Village Berlin (Kurfürstenstr. 31)
Tickets: 12€/8€

For the full festival programme visit Performing Arts Festival Berlin PAF.

Safe Space

ROMEO has always aimed to be an online community that provides a safe space for men and trans guys to connect, make friends, build a community, and of course, to have sex, free from shame or judgment.


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