Pablo Hernandez – Model Bottom

Pablo Hernandez is an ‘out and proud’ gay man living between the US and Cuba. He has dabbled in many trades, from being an Andrew Christian model to a parody music maestro. We first spotted this gorgeous guy in his hilarious music video Bitch I’m a Bottom (below); a re-imagining of, Bitch I’m Madonna. It’s a sex positive, liberating pop track that may tread on some toes, but definitely places bottoms on top. Pablo is already Instagram famous with 620k followers and has a six-pack that could hypnotize anyone. Let’s hear from the man himself.

Getting to know you…

Oh hey Pablo, introduce yourself to the PLANETROMEO world!

“My name is Pablo Hernandez and I am of Spanish and Lebanese descent with Cuban born parents. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Miami, Fl. To sum it up, I proudly consider myself to be Cuban. I have been a working actor, model, and musician for a few years now. I’m basically a wigless and tuckless drag queen.”

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Has ‘Bitch I’m a Bottom’ made you famous in America?

Bitch I’m a bottom has made me…the most outspoken power bottom in the world! Haha. I worried that I would never be taken seriously as a top by any bottom ever again, but you’d be surprised at how many hot bottoms try to ‘turn me’ into a top. Jokes on them. I’m actually a power vers. I just go along with it. I’ve become every bottom’s conquest.”

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Are you single?

“I’m single AF.”

Do you believe in love?

“I believe in love because I’ve been in love and it is probably the most amazing feeling in the world.”

Is sex very important for you?

“Sex is important to me, but having a metaphysical connection with someone is more important. I think the two go hand in hand and compliment one another.”

Do you think sex and love need to come together?

Sex is sex and love is love. When the two are combined, they make for one explosive (pun intended) experience. Sometimes I wanna fuck someone I don’t love and sometimes I don’t wanna fuck someone I love. At times, I want both, but you can’t have your cock and eat it too.

Will you be making any more music that we can look forward to?

“I’ve been working on some original songs with an up and coming singer, songwriter, producer, Velo. And now you can check out the latest music video and song that I wrote called Toys which is a parody to Charli XCX’s Boys.  You’re gonna love it!”

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When is the next time you’ll be in Europe?

“I don’t know when I’ll be in Europe next. I think that with the new music videos I’m working on, European appearances and performances are right around the corner.”

Social Media

Pablo is active on social media. You can keep an eye on his burgeoning career on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you want the really good stuff you can even become a fan.

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