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Perhaps you’re wondering why you should follow us on Social Media when ROMEO is already a form of Social Media itself. Well, if we’re being honest, we had the same question for years. Looking back, we have to admit our channels haven’t been the best they can be. If we want to inform you or contact you, we will do this via ROMEO directly. It seems that our competitors have the same struggle. Simply posting random hot guys from the internet might be easy, but does it really make sense? That’s why we are so excited to introduce Luke as our new Social Media Officer.

With Luke starting at ROMEO, we have re-defined our channel strategies. Fingers crossed we hit the nail on the head this time...

Our 4 Channels...


We will inform you of what is going on at ROMEO. From feature releases, important news, and for sure many insights from our daily office life. Our aim is that you feel like being part of the team.

Twitter »


We will entertain you with hot and authentic ROMEOs and their stories from around the world. Although you may never meet, you can chat with them over direct message on ROMEO. As well as this, we will post instant, important news or events from the office.

Instagram »


We will inform and entertain you with the highlights from our Twitter and Instagram channels in one place. This means if you follow us on Twitter and Instagram, no need for Facebook.

Facebook »

HUNQZ (coming soon)

Boner up! Twitter doesn't restrict adult content like the other platforms allowing us to keep your boner up and running with hot, authentic HUNQZs and their stories from around the world. Chat with them on HUNQZ and book them!

Introducing Lukas...


I am Lukas,

your new social media officer. Weirdly enough, I used to work for ROMEO a few years back. Back then, I was a little more behind the scenes in the support team. Later I worked in the porn industry for a few years. You may know me from movies, only fans or HUNQZ. Let's say, I just love men! Besides being a power bottom, I speak 7 languages, (yes I’m good with my tongue) and have a master’s degree in Evolutionary Linguistics. I love animals and I am almost always found with my dog 🐶, or my chickens 🐥 🥚. I’m super excited to be working with ROMEO again! So like, comment, and share our content so that we can spread love, positivity, and legs worldwide.

Some final words...

We are only a small company, but we have a large global following. Because of this, we need to focus our content on what we deem relevant for you guys. Sorry to say, but we just can't deliver relevant LGBT+ news from all over the world. Other news channels can do this much better. That's why we only focus on ROMEO and our Users only. Social Media has for us the benefit that we can post much more for all users who are interested in more and we don't have to annoy all users all the time with newsletters 😉

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