October is PLANETROMEO’s birthday month, and this year we’re turning 15. Imagine how many guys found their, best friend, one night stands, ongoing date buddies, or even their one true love in all that time! To mark our 15th birthday milestone, we collected quotes from the staff at Team PLANETROMEO to share their experience of working here, and to wish us a happy anniversary.

Happy Birthday PLANETROMEO

“I’m often asked, ‘how it all started?’ Well, the answer is simple: some technical knowledge, some time and a HUGE need for better online dating. What started as a hobby turned out to be the adventure of my life! And, for sure, I’m looking forward to many more exciting stories, dramas and incredible fun.”

Jens Schmidt – Founder of PLANETROMEO

“Even after almost 10 years working at PLANETROMEO I still get a big kick out of working for a company which helps people find happiness, acknowledgement, fun, friends, dates and long-term, special relationships.”

“I feel like I’m a very privileged person having the opportunity to do this. Especially in places in the world where there is such terrible misery – for people whose sexuality and/or identity, is being frowned upon and condemned.”

Herman Bijkerk – CEO

“I’m glad to be a part of PR’s 15th year. It’s really a milestone for the company and for the queer community at large. 15 years of endless, unlimited communication has changed pretty much everything, not just our community, but has made a lasting impact on our place in society. We often hear how PLANETROMEO has made an enormous difference in so many peoples lives, and that makes me happy to come to work, even after nearly 10 years working here. I know that we continue to help people have dates, make friends, and find love. I’m living proof.”

Kerry – Content Manager

Tommy 9 years ago and now

“I started working for PLANETROMEO when it was still Gayromeo, 9 years ago. After working in ‘regular offices’ before, my new life at PLANETROMEO changed a lot. Before, other gay men were only for sex or possible partners for me. I had no gay friends. Here, at work, I found friends for life. I love working here because it feels like it’s my 2nd family and home. I plan to be an active part of the future of PLANETROMEO and look forward to the next 15 years.”

Tommy – Advertising Sales Manager

Darryl with Mutti at our former offices

“I’ve been a member of PLANETROMEO since about 2004/5 and have always felt a sense of loyalty to what it stands for, for myself, and many gay men around the world. I remember seeing the ad for Communications Officer a few years back and thought immediately, ‘This is definitely a company I’d enjoy working for!’ I spent almost 2 whole days writing my cover letter. I’ve been working for PLANETROMEO now for a little over 4 years, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I never knew how at home it would feel to go to work and not have to hide my sexuality; it’s truly a place where NSFW topics don’t exist.”

Darryl – Communications Officer – Copywriting & Publishing

“I’ve only worked at PLANETROMEO for just over a year now, but already I can say that it has changed my life. It’s a place where you really can be yourself without fear of judgment. Before being here, I found it hard to really be who I am, even outside of the workplace. PLANETROMEO doesn’t just celebrate uniqueness, it encourages it. You don’t appreciate what that’s like until you have worked somewhere like this. It’s really special.”

Luke – Social Media Support

Gui at home

“15 years online means you’re practically a dinosaur on the internet. But working for PLANETROMEO still feels like working for a start-up. We are innovating continuously, and keep thinking up fresh ideas to keep the brand alive and kicking! The team is amazing and it’s a real joy to come to work every day!”

Gui Bosselaers – Head of Marketing & Sales

Joseph as Conchita

“PLANETROMEO adopted me about a year ago. Since then I’ve learned so much about myself, about working in a team, and ultimately about how to tell our story of love online. We started as a group of volunteers who wanted to make meeting guys safe and easy, that’s still at our core today, and I’m certain it always will be. 15 years from now, I hope PLANETROMEO is still going to be a wonderful, fun place to work and an amazing dating platform for all of our Romeos. Happy Birthday PLANETROMEO, you are looking only gorgeous.”

Joseph – Social Media Officer


Core Values

Working for PLANETROMEO really is a unique and wonderful experience. The staff gets to be themselves and they spend each day helping people to connect in meaningful ways. Our core values have always been about respect, love, connection and inclusivity. This will continue to be the heart and soul of PLANETROMEO as we move into the future of online dating.

Would you like to tell us about your love story on PLANETROMEO? Have you been with us for a week, a year, a decade, or more? Send your stories and birthday wishes to

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