Introducing our dark and sexy new look

I’m Murat; I work as the Product Owner for the ROMEO and HUNQZ websites as well as our User Community (that’s you guys!). I am British Cypriot who moved from London to Berlin in the height of the first lockdown in March 2020.

Moving to a new city during a pandemic gave me a lot of free time. I decided to use that time to follow my dream of creating my own sex-positive LGBTQ platform, The Homo Post. Here I talk openly about life as an LGBTQ person, as well as health, beauty and lifestyle. Our Founder asked me to put my writing to good use to tease you with a new update!

Our users in the spotlight

To start the year with a bang, from today our ROMEO web and HUNQZ users will be the first to enjoy our new sexy dark look.

“But ROMEO is always blue!” I hear you cry. Of course we’re not straying from our beloved signature colour. In fact we want to highlight it even more by giving it a sexy dark background to ‘pop’ against. Our new black look makes our ROMEO blue the star of the show, rather than blend into the ‘50 shades of blue’ in the background.

Now it will be clearer for you to know which things are clickable and which things are not.

“With the new colour scheme, our Design team provides the foundation for a substantial, clean UI redesign across all our platforms. This will enable us to design simpler navigation hierarchies , and put focus on what is the most important to us: our users!” Darko, Senior Product Designer, ROMEO

Team Web

Seamless design across all platforms

Don’t worry app users, we haven’t forgotten about you! Our app teams are busy aligning to the newly designed website. Once they’re done with the grueling testing that is required for app releases, you’ll get to enjoy it too.

This is an exciting period for us at ROMEO. For the first time EVER all three of our platforms will be beautifully aligned in one colour palette. If you’re an app user who likes to check out the groups or sexy pics on web, you’ll find the journey more familiar and navigable.

“With our new design system in place, our team can focus on new and exciting features that our users are asking for. This is just the beginning of a series of UX / UI improvements we are working on!” continues Darko

While the future is dark, it’s also bright

As well as looking great, the more environmentally-conscious of you will be happy to know that going from blue to black is actually green! If you own a device which has an OLED screen (most new phones) you’ll be slashing your battery consumption. OLED screens don’t require energy to present pure black pixels. That means less time charging your phone and more time cruising sexy people on ROMEO. You’re welcome 😉

Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting things coming to you soon.

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