Music 2 Bang To

PLANETROMEO has put together a playlist to compliment this Valentine’s weekend. It’s not just for lovers; it’s for everyone. We’ve selected high tempo pumping beats to make your body pop. It’s designed to make you go all night. Come Monday, you can listen to it again at the gym, and think happy thoughts, as you recall that banging weekend. #DatesFriendsLove and music.

Artists include: Scissor Sisters, Nicki Minaj, The Black Eyed Peas (remember them) and a PLANETROMEO favorite, Hi Fashion. It’s packed with queer artists and sexy tunes, but hey, who’s gonnna be reading the playlist when you’ve got ‘business to do’. So listen while you twerk. #music2bangto

The Lover’s playlist is coming soon, as you deserve something to listen to while you snuggle and enjoy body to body time with bae. Send your favorite music choices to

Here’s a bonus Valentine’s treat, Amazing by Hi Fashion

Much Love and Have a Banging Valentine’s Weekend,