MUNA – Queer Music

MUNA is a queer pop trio that’s very much ‘now’. They’re gender aware and want to use their talent in music to affect change. All three members identify as queer, not gay and that’s crucial.

Their music connects with the narrative of today and is, in part, a reaction to the political climate in the US, but also a beacon of hope and sanctuary for Queer kids that simply enjoy their music.

Gender Inclusive

MUNA intentionally avoids gender-based pronouns in any of their lyrics. The small touches often are what show a group’s credibility; for example, at a MUNA gig all toilets are gender neutral.

MUNA Tunes

MUNA’s biggest and most electrifying song to date is, I Know A Place. It is a perfect example of synth pop and is ‘about the rich LGBTQ history of turning bars and ballrooms into safe havens.’ It was written before the PULSE nightclub shooting last year but has become a funeral hymn of sorts to help the queer community heal post Orlando.

Their single Crying On The Bathroom Floor deals with the psychological impact of abusive relationships, and how ‘survivors form strong attachments to their abusers.’ MUNA don’t shy away from the hard and heavy stuff.

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Love is Love

For such a young band, they already show much wisdom and a loving touch that many bands only grow into after years of collaboration. These are hot, young, talented kids with their finger on the pulse, and even if their synth pop tracks are not your style, the core of their message is love and that’s universal.

Voice of their Generation

MUNA are a queer pop trio from LA who intentionally breathe advocacy into their work as musicians.


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