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In the gay community, is there a place for Mr. Gay Europe, Mr. Gay World, etc.? Is this system out of touch with reality, or is it still a platform that can grab the attention of influencers, politicians and policy makers to bring about positive change? We speak to Mr. Gay Germany, Enrique Doleschy, about the relevance of a Mr. Gay pageant, and his actions since winning the Mr. Gay Germany title himself.

The interview

Mr. Gay Germany Enrique Doleschy seated with a smile

When you entered the Mr. Gay Germany competition, what were your intentions?

“Initially, I wanted to see if I was good enough. The first impression the judges from Mr. Gay Germany (MGG) have of you is, pictures and some two-page facts about yourself. Turning 30 in 2018, I wanted to know If I had what it takes to be a representative for our country, and maybe even Europe, and the world. After all, this was something I wanted to enjoy. Meeting the ‘scene’ and those who work for our community. So one could say I was a little curious about the outcome, because surely, a ‘Mister’ must be handsome, which ironically, I don’t consider myself to be.”

Mr. Gay Germany Enrique Doleschy man in the mirror

Role Model

Do you feel you are on your way to achieving your goals as a gay role model?

“Definitely yes. Being a role model is hard because everyone expects you to be perfect at all times. So a lot of my time is spent letting people know I am just a regular guy ready to help out where I can.”

“Being in the spotlight wasn’t easy for me at first, but now I am pretty comfortable, and I encourage anyone to stay true to themselves even if it’s far from perfect. After all it’s just the media. Get to know me, and you’ll see I am not a celebrity, but your next door neighbor.”

Mr. Gay Germany Enrique Doleschy sweet a pie

Beauty Toxic

Do you think beauty contests are a bit toxic and put pressure on young gay men to be too concerned with appearance?

“In Germany, I don’t think beauty contests are the problem. My country isn’t known for big contests like Miss Germany… ask any German about the winners of the last 3 years. They won’t know. The problem for me is social media. It gives the impression that everyday-people have the most fabulous lives. But they don’t. We take the train, eat at fast food chains, and binge watch streaming services.”

“After all, MGG is only partly about beauty. Admittedly, I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but my campaign as reigning Mr. Gay Germany should be: demographic change in the community and the challenges it brings. Beauty standards and aging are a big part of that.”

Mr. Gay Germany Enrique Doleschy Man with Sash

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Out of Date

Are contests like Mr. Gay, Mr. World, Mr. Universe, etc., old-fashioned, or tacky, or do they serve a higher purpose?

“If it’s just about looks like the regular pageants then yes it would be old-fashioned, we don’t need another ‘So and So’s Next Top Model’. Teach people to be beautiful in their own way, and that means stop comparing them with ‘standards’. MGG uses the visuals to attract attention to the contestant’s campaigns, and services and if you take a closer look, most of the times the contestants are very different. Some of my predecessors and other contestants run cool projects and successful businesses. Who cares if they are the most beautiful? To me, the shell is not as important as the core. So many beautiful people have nothing to say and only repeat mainstream mantras. We are over that!”

Mr. Gay Germany Enrique Doleschy Sexy pride Land

Life After Mr. Gay Germany

What will you do after your reign?

“After being MGG I will still be “The Gay Financial Advisor”, which keeps me very busy. I am interested in helping people understand the concept of money and investing. Germans and money have a difficult past. But for those hoping to see me in public, we are still working on some stage presence and appearances here and there. After all, my campaign Silver Rainbow is all about the future. Where will I grow old? What people will be around me? Can young and old live together and learn from one another? It practically goes hand in hand with my job.”

Mr. Gay Germany Enrique Doleschy with balloons

Future Hopefuls

Any advice for next year’s hopefuls entering the competition?

“Dream big. Be yourself (unless you are an asshole) and wow us with what your campaign/project and personality will bring to the table for our community in Germany, Europe, and the world (yes, I will be a judge on the panel for MGG 2019). Don’t be afraid to be judged… I will personally help all the contestants to shine their personas bright. We will bring out your best features…. oh and:

1. Stop buying/using plastic, it pollutes our world.

2. Don’t get seasick, we will be on a gay cruise for the preliminary. ;)”

Mr. Gay Germany Enrique Doleschy - Cologne Pride

What campaigns are you involved in and how can people learn more?

The Silver Rainbow is a project I’m involved in that wants to tackle the generational divide in our community, and of course you can follow the Mr. Gay Germany account on Facebook.”

Even more Enrique Doleschy, Mr. Gay Germany

For even more pics and campaign info from Enrique, follow the official Mr. Gay Germany Instagram, and make sure to visit the website

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