Milkshake Music Festival in Pictures

To all who love,

We had a fabulous time celebrating love and diversity at Milkshake festival Amsterdam 2017!

We want to thank everyone who posed for photos in the Romeo Ball: the confetti throwers, the screamers, the party goers, the jumpers, the kissers, the drag queens, the leather men, the naked guys, all of you, you were fantastic.

We also want to thank our crew: the camera guys our producer, and all the members of Team PLANETROMEO for all the positive energy over the weekend. We set up a an inflatable globe and built a camera rig inside to capture 3D moving images, so you could have your very own GIF. The 3D photo rig was powered by the good guys over at

Visit the Romeo Ball gallery and download your favorites!

We have a taster of our own favorite photos here for you to enjoy too.

Much Love,


Romeo Ball at Milkshake

3D Magic happens inside the ball!

Party Goers



Over to you!

If you have amazing pics from Milkshake please send them along to

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