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Having worked at PlanetRomeo for over six years, Product Owner Toffy (AKA the guy in charge of mobile development) has overseen plenty of changes to our platform, including three major profile redesigns. “When I started, we were fifteen people in Friedenstraße and now we’re sixty people,” he says. “We grew a lot, so there’s a lot of new faces, new people and new energy came with that.”

Since starting at the company, Toffy has seen the introduction of the radar feature, the launch of our App and now he’s working on QuickShare, a feature that will allow users to share their private photos quickly and easily. “It’s one of the longest awaited features for the App,” Toffy explains. It came from users telling us they’d like to be able to share private pictures easily with each other but it took us a while to work out how we could do that with the limitations of Apple and Google. We’re hoping that we’ll make a lot of people happy with that.”

As well as this, Toffy is working on a new travel feature that will allow Romeos to virtually travel the world, setting their locations to multiple places at once. This way, if you’re planning a holiday somewhere far from home, you can browse the local guys before you’ve even stepped off the plane. So where do these new ideas come from? “Some come from the product owners, some come from the users themselves,” Toffy says. Having been at the forefront of new developments to the platform for such a long time, Toffy knows that listening to our users is often the best way to find new ideas.

Nowadays, more and more people are using the PlanetRomeo App as a way to stay connected on the go. As well as this, more PLUS users are switching to our Romeo Beta platform, something that will be available to all users in the New Year. The first thing users notice about the new interface is how similar it is to our App, with a grid layout that allows users to see profile photos far more clearly than before. “We want to offer the same experience on all clients so users feel at home on whichever device they’re using,” Toffy says. “They don’t have to learn new functions and everything is easy for them.” Another benefit of the app-style layout is that mobile users who want to see XXX photos will be able to log in to the desktop version and use it on their phones just like the App.

So how has Toffy’s opinion of PlanetRome changed over the years? “While working here I’ve just completely changed my view on this platform,” he says. “The biggest thing that changed is that we finally have a second product that we can present to the users that feels like it’s from this century.” With the gradual unveiling of our beta site, we hope that users will enjoy playing with our more modern, dynamic interface while still being able to enjoy the PlanetRomeo features they know and love.

“We try to have this more immersive experience,” Toffy adds. “It’s fresh, agile and changing all the time.” When all of you guys get free access to our new interface next year, hopefully you’ll think so too!