Earlier this year, a photo of an interracial gay couple went viral after it was met with racist and homophobic abuse from Internet trolls. But the Internet hate didn’t spoil the guys’ relationship – in fact, they’ve just got married! And guess where it all began… that’s right – they met right here on PlanetRomeo.

Photos of their wedding have been circulating on gay media, but the guys say a lot of websites report incorrect information about them and their relationship. We decided to catch up with our Romeos to ask them about their modern-day fairytale, from the first message right up to their beautiful wedding.

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Mond is originally from Thailand and had been living in Bangkok for 8 years when he got his first message from German-born Thorsten, who was in Bangkok for a 6-month internship. Both guys had been using PlanetRomeo for 7 years when they first got in touch, though they didn’t start a romantic relationship right away.

“It was more like two friends hanging out casually,” Thorsten says. “We had dinner and drinks together near the river in Bangkok. After all, it turned out to be a really nice date though. We started seeing each other every weekend of my time in Bangkok from then on.”

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Mond and Thorsten eventually became a couple. Soon after, a photo of the two on a train was posted to Facebook, which drew a lot of criticism from Internet trolls who mocked the couple because of the differences in their size and ethnicity. “We were both surprised in the amount of people suddenly taking interest in our relationship,” the guys say, “but also shocked about some of the very rude comments.”

The online hate didn’t put an end to the guys’ relationship though, and now they’re overjoyed to be married. As you can see from their stunning photos, they make a gorgeous couple.


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“We are just glad that we can be an inspiration to many people who struggle with their sexuality and finding their soul mate,” the guys say. “We both always were true to ourselves and I think that is why we love and appreciate each other so much.”

Having found true love on PlanetRomeo and overcome the Internet trolls, Mond and Thorsten are excited about the future. From everyone at PlanetRomeo, we wish them all the very best and many years of happiness!