A month ago, Spencer informed you in a blog post that we’ve waved goodbye to Mother. After that announcement, you might be wondering who took over her job of looking over the Romeos. Although Mother is a petite lady, she left us some big shoes to fill. It’s not easy, but we’ve managed to fill her pumps (with plenty of arch support). Please let me introduce our Support Team to you.

You’ve already met me. I’m Jan, the Customer Service Team Leader, and I already wrote two blog posts about scammers and fake profiles. But as my job title suggests, I’m not the only one who responds to your questions and feedback.

The PlanetRomeo Support Team consists of 8 members, including me. Besides English, we offer support in German, French, Spanish and Italian. What means that you Romeos can contact us in one of these languages and you’ll get a reply from a native speaker.

Even Support needs support sometimes. That’s why Nelly, our mascot, comes to visit us once in a while. When our mailboxes are overflowing she manages to keep us focused so we can answer your tickets within the estimated 3 working days. It’s an important job, and the only thing she asks in return is a little love and affection. And an occasional snack. 😉


How to contact Support

When you visit the “Help & Support” section on our platform you can send a help request, or a ‘ticket’ as we call it, to our Customer Service. My team handles 12.000 questions and 75.000 profile reports each month. The 4 German admins deal with 5000 German tickets; 4000 are written in English. So a little math shows that we receive 3.000 tickets in French, Spanish and Italian.

All in all, we’re very busy replying to your tickets and deactivating fake accounts or spam profiles. We cannot ‘sit back and relax’ as Mother is doing since she retired. We have to work hard because we assured Mother that we would handle it. We think we’re doing a good job.

Later on in this blog we’ll post more about the individual Support guys. So stay tuned.

Jan – Team Leader Customer Service