As promised in Jan’s “Meet Support” blog, we’ll introduce you to a few members of the PlanetRomeo Support team. First up is Guido, one of our native German Support guys with a passion for model trains who answers tickets in German and English.


Guido comes originally from East Germany. In 2007, a big fast food company recruited staff in Germany to work in Amsterdam.  That’s the reason he crossed the border and moved to the Netherlands. Looking for a new challenge he applied for a job at PlanetRomeo. He wasn’t the only candidate, but after a short interview, the management knew that he was the man Support needed.

Guido has been working for PlanetRomeo for five years now and he likes being a part of a professional, intimate team.  “We all work well together and between all the hard work we have some fun as well”, says Guido. He’s been a PlanetRomeo user for over 8 years now, so he knows all the inns and outs of our Platform.

Guido tells me that there is a significant difference between German and English-speaking Romeos who send help requests. “Sometimes we receive very extensive emails from German users with a problem, and we try our best to give a good answer. But, sometimes they come back with the same question because they want to double check. Maybe it’s a sign of the Deutsche Gründlichkeit, the double-checking. What I want to say to our users: trust us in our answers; we’re all PlanetRomeo experts. 😉

When I asked Guido if he can point out what we can improve in the near future, he said: “The Support team continually invests a lot of effort in optimizing and improving processes. The way we work now is very different from 5 years ago. For example, we introduced a new way of dealing with fakers. It decreased not only the number of fakers on our website but also the number of incoming tickets. It’s an ongoing process, but I can say we’re definitely headed in the right direction.”

Just out of curiosity, I asked Guido if he plans to go back to Germany in the future. “Besides the fact that I have a Dutch fiancé and a really nice house, I wouldn’t like to leave. The Dutch culture suits my personality. A little less tensed and the people are more laid back. I’m happy where I am now. PlanetRomeo is a nice company to work for and I hope I can continue supporting Romeos in the future.”

Roy – Social Media Officer