Any user of PlanetRomeo will know about our footprints. The fun and original designs are one of the things that makes our platform unique, and allow users to communicate with each other without the hassle of sending a message. Think a guy is hot? We’ve got a footprint for that. Feeling horny? There are footprints for that too. Whether you’re romantic, funny, intellectual, cheeky or all of the above, there’s sure to be a footprint for you.

But where did the footprints come from? Originally created by PlanetRomeo’s co-founder, they have since been reimagined by design guy Guido. Whenever you send or receive a footprint on PlanetRomeo, it’s Guido’s work you’re seeing.

Guido has been part of the PlanetRomeo team for almost 9 years now, and when he started, he had one primary goal. “I wanted to bring the product up to speed with the design,” he says. “But we didn’t expect it to take so long.” Although it may have taken longer than he expected, Guido is pleased that the new-look PlanetRomeo is finally ready. “I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved in these last years,” he adds.

PlanetRomeo is sometimes referred to as the ‘Blue Pages’, a reference to our distinct blue colour scheme that also features on our beta site and App. But when the site redesign was in progress, there were questions over whether the blue would stay. “I was the guy fighting for the dark blue we see now,” Guido says. So why is the colour scheme so important? “It’s history, it’s tradition,” Guido adds, elaborating that the original colour scheme was based on gaming websites, something our founder was particularly interested in. While yellows and reds typically dominate the gay dating landscape, we like to be a little different.

Since launching our PlanetRomeo App, Guido and his footprints have faced some difficulties. Specifically, the ‘Hot cock’ footprint you see on your desktop cannot be shown in the App. Why? Well, Apple and Google had a problem with the design, which features two tomatoes and a cucumber. Despite Guido’s best efforts to keep the design App-friendly, unfortunately the decision makers at Apple still said no.

This isn’t the first time Guido has had problems with uploading racy content to the Internet. In his spare time, Guido creates his own erotic artwork, but due to Germany’s laws regarding XXX content, he is unable to showcase it online. Still, we’re very glad to have Guido on board here at PlanetRomeo, along with his fun and playful footprints for all of us to enjoy.