Garland Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions



Yoga Sex

Malasana (Garland Pose):
A Much more intense version of the cowgirl position, which puts you in a deep squat. Malasana nurtures healthy hips. It helps ease the hips open and increases mobility in hips, legs, and back. I like to focus on the hips because spiritually they can act as a dwelling place for stifled and intense emotions. Open them up and burst the dam of secret passion found amidst your sex chakra.

Step 1

Squat with your feet as close together as possible. (Keep your heels on the floor if you can; otherwise, support them on a folded mat.)

Step 2

Separate your thighs slightly wider than your torso. Exhaling, lean your torso forward and fit it snugly between your thighs.

Step 3

Press your elbows against your inner knees, bringing your palms to together. This will help lengthen your front torso.

Always get professional advice before attempting an advanced yoga position

Do not attempt if you have a Low Back or Knee injury

Please do not attempt to imitate the giphs on this page

Tip for Beginners

If squatting is difficult, sit on the front edge of a chair seat, thighs forming a right angle to your torso, heels on the floor slightly ahead of your knees. Lean your torso forward between the thighs.



Stretches the ankles, groins and back torso

Tones the belly

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