It’s a trend in social media, huge platforms like Twitter and Facebook are facing the same problems that we are: hacked profiles. We already explained to you how scammers operate in a previous blog, but we can’t warn you enough.  Scammers are trying more and more to hunt down your login details. As soon as they’re in, they send messages on your behalf to entrap innocent and naïve Romeos.


Scammers sometimes create unique profiles themselves, but that’s a huge effort. They not only have to create new profiles, but they have to make it look like a genuine account as well. That involves uploading pictures, filling out the profile details, and writing profile texts. A shortcut is taking an existing profile, already filled with pics, a complete profile text, linked friends and a number of visits. All in all, characteristics of a trustworthy profile.

How do hackers operate?
You’ve secured your PlanetRomeo profile with a password. Scammers pull usernames from a website with a clever script and try to break in. Cyber criminals use lists of ‘most commonly used passwords’ to grant themselves access to your profile. Explained in another way: you have just one key and 100,000 doors. You know the key fits in one particular door, so you start trying. Indeed, you need to invest lots of time, but eventually you’ll succeed in opening a door. Scammers follow the same, steps. Scarily simple, isn’t it?

They try to unlock your profile by using a common password as a key. Think about ‘Madona123’ or ‘bornthisway’. You might be able to imagine that amongst 1,700,000 Romeos there’s at least one with a password like this; feeling safe, until his profile gets hacked.

Improve your Password
We’re doing our best to fence our Planet: we have password requirements like a minimum length and it can’t be a word too close to your profile name. Besides this, we monitor our platform constantly on suspicious activities. But, we cannot arm ourselves (and your profiles) against all hackers. Therefore we strongly advise you to reconsider your current password. Is it easy to guess? Improve it! Here are a few tips:

1. Change your password regularly. ‘My Romeo & Administration’ > Account Details:  ‘Access Data’.

2. Make it easy to remember, but not easy to guess! (Don’t use names, birthdates or phone numbers.)

3. Don’t use the same password on multiple websites.

4. Use numbers & symbols, but avoid accented characters that might not be available on every keyboard e.g., ä, é, µ, §, etc.

5. Longer passwords are generally more secure

I hope the title of this blog is explained by the info above. Just to set things straight: Madonna, we have nothing against you, or your music, but you simply can’t protect us from hackers.

Roy – Social Media Officer