Love On The Dance Floor

Love On The Dance Floor

ROMEO is so much more than a dating app, we’re an online community of gay, bi male, and trans people who like to explore sexuality free from shame. Many of us have met our best friends on ROMEO, others have joined ROMEO Groups to meet guys who share a similar interest or hobby, and some have even found love. For Valentine’s Day, we speak to couple, Stanley and Cliffton, who met on ROMEO and fell in love on the dance floor.

  Love On The Dance Floor


Who messaged who first?

That is hard to remember since it was such a long time ago (10 years), so we’re afraid we have no clue anymore.

Did you leave each other footprints?

We both love to give and receive footprints, so quite sure we started with footprints to break the ice.

Footprints on ROMEO

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Did you send photos before meeting?

We both have quite some decent pictures in our profile, but after some time we did exchange nude pics. Because let’s be honest, you like to know what’s inside the package before you order it. And we both liked what we saw!

How long did you chat online?

When we first started to chat we were both still in our previous relationships, but we had such a nice click online and chatted about a lot of things for a year or so. Then we lost contact for 3 years, When Cliffton moved back to Amsterdam, we picked up where we left off. There was only one difference, we were both single!

Love On The Dance Floor

When was your first date?

After the renewed online contact via ROMEO, we finally decided it was time to meet up and see if our click would be the same in real life as online. So, we planned to have our first date on Sunday, August 24, 2013. In a hilarious twist of fate, we bumped into each other in the PRIK (gay bar) the night before our date. We had a little chat and decided that that was it for that night, and we stuck to meeting up Sunday and getting to know each other then. Looking back, that was the first time that we were connected with each other in freedom, one of the main shared values in our relationship.

Love On The Dance Floor

What did you do on your first date?

Cliffton came to my place after attending the demonstration against Putin on the Museumplein. So, we talked about the demonstration and had a drink. Then we started to get intimate and had great sex. After the sex something very intense and beautiful happened. We were standing in the living room, and when we embraced each other, a flow of energy started to circulate between our two bodies. This was so intense to feel our energy flow and mix into each other. It lasted for about 40 minutes or so. Then we spent the night together and woke up on a sunny Monday morning together.

Love On The Dance Floor

How long have you been together in total?

We entered our sixth year together in our relationship, but it’s been 10 years since our first ROMEO online meeting!

When/if you have a fight or disagreement, how do you resolve it?

We don’t have a lot of fights, but when we disagree, we always try to talk things through and solve the problem. In our relationship nothing is a taboo, we want to be able to talk about anything together. We never stay angry at one another for a long time, we always make up before we fall asleep or leave the house!

Love On The Dance Floor

Do you live together?

Yes, we started living together after one year.

Are you married?

Yes, Cliffton proposed to me at Rapido and of course I said yes! We got married on June 15th, 2016.

Love On The Dance Floor

Who said I love you first and when?

That again took some time, and is kind of a three part story.

Love On The Dance Floor The Story

Part #1 Regular meetings

We met each other regularly after our first date, but we both decided not to engage in a new relationship at that time. We had a very lovely click so friends with benefits would be the case for us! After a few months, we decided to start taking same-sex ballroom dancing lessons, since we both liked to do this when we were younger. This was every Sunday afternoon and gave an excellent and regular structure to see each other, and after dancing lessons, we would cook a nice dinner together and spend the night together. During the week we would also be in contact via WhatsApp, ROMEO and we would also meet up.

Part #2 Love on the beach and the dance floor

One time we decided to go to the beach before our dance lessons. It was a beautiful and windy day, and we wanted to see the rough sea together. After the walk, we bumped into an old friend and all of a sudden she asked me, Stanley, if Cliffton was my boyfriend because we looked so cute together? We both explained that we were just good friends and carried on to our dancing lessons. Our dance instructor also said to us, “It’s so funny, I never realized you two were a couple until this moment. How nice?” and again, we explained the good friend story, and we added the benefits part with a wink, since he was also ‘one of the girls’.

Part #3 Lets talk it out

The regular dating and the fact that other people thought we were together gave us something to think about.  We began to realize we actually were falling in love with each other. First we needed to discuss a few things about our values, E.G. what we do and don’t like in a relationship, and we had learned from our previous relationships. And when we both expressed our opinions, we found out that we actually shared a lot of the same values, for instance, freedom in our relationship. And then we both expressed that we were in love and decided to give it a go. We’ve been going strong ever since!

Love On The Dance Floor

Thank You

We are very grateful that Stanley and Cliffton shared their love story with us. We’re always happy to know ROMEO really does help people to make worthwhile and long-lasting connections.  


Got a ROMEO Love Story you’d like to share?

When it comes to relationships, there’s no one model or arrangement that can claim to be the best. We can decide to pursue monogamy, openness or anything else as long as everyone involved agrees. If you are in a polyamorous relationship, or have experience in an open relationship, please share your story with us. We’d love to speak to more couples, throuples, grouples, single guys, or monogamous couples, to give a broader picture of love. If you are a couple reading this and you’d like to tell us how you met on ROMEO please send an email to and tell us your love story.

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