Logan Moore – Part 1

Logan Moore is a Dutch porn star working in Europe and America. The 27-year-old hunk started his career as a model and dancer, adding porn to his repertoire just 4 years ago. With over 54k followers on Instagram and 107k+ on Twitter, this Dutch sex bomb is an internet sensation.

We recently sent a tweet out to all of our Romeos: ‘If you could ask Logan anything what would you ask?’ We reveal the responses to your questions below.

From Daniel in Costa Rica: ‘What has been your favourite, most memorable line of dialogue in a scene and why?’

Difficult one, I would say my scene from Sense8 (porn parody). It wasn’t really about the dialogue, but as we were shooting it, and being a big fan of SENSE8, I loved being a part of that production! Especially as I was the only one on set who knew about the series! So I could help out the director by introducing my crazy fan moments and explaining to the guys how we’re going to shoot and how everything works! Still hope we will shoot season two. (Just mixed up with the same guys!)

From Criss in Romania: ‘Help me not to be single?’

First of all, accept being single. The world always talks about being in a relationship so much that we get into the habit of accepting fantasy world created by television and social media! Being single is also awesome and rocks! So with that said, love yourself before you can love somebody else. This is the only advice I can give to such an open question!

By loving yourself and accepting the way you live and work, you show people that you are a catch! At least in my experience, the moment I stop looking for a man in my single life and say, ‘damn I’m happy and don’t need a man’ are the moments when I meet potential boyfriends!

Many Romeos want to know: ‘Are interested in getting married?’

I would love to get married one day, but if it doesn’t happen I wouldn’t be sad. I’d only miss out on one hell of a party, lol. I’m not married, but I’m seeing somebody special at the moment!

From a Romeo in France: ‘What do you do if you have just a night off?’

Hehe, now you wanna know what should happen I guess? You write it with just a night, so gonna tell you my quiet nights. If I’m not performing somewhere or traveling but I’m at home I’m mostly with friends or family. Having some snacks (try to keep it healthy, but I’m human of-course) some drinks and watching a movie or playing games. Just chill and relax and catching up as mostly both sides have amazing stories!

From Anonymous: ‘When will you visit Germany?’

Germany is always close to me! I live on the border in the Netherlands! Unfortunately work-wise I rarely have bookings in Germany – now I think about it! But my favorite cities are Berlin and Cologne! When next? Uhmm, I think that’s gonna be in October, as I dance for Salvation.

Coming Soon – Logan Moore Part 2

We decided to ask lovely Logan a few questions from the PLANETROMEO team so keep an eye on the blog for our second interview with the Dutch beauty. It’ll be popping up sooner than you think.

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