Life Changing Nipples

Mister B sent me a box of goodies to ‘review’. I like to think I’m pretty kinky and into most things, but I do have boundaries. That said I’m probably a little bit more outgoing than your average Joe.

When Mister B called with, “we’ll send you a selection of things to test drive,” I was happy to let them pick what to send. The box arrived on the Friday of Madrid World Pride. I was already planning on having a fun weekend in Spain, and this little package promised it would be even more exciting. The goodie bag contained nipple clamps, a leather dog collar, CREAM lube, ELBOW GREASE, and a breathable ball gag.

Nipple Clamps

Despite my presumption that I’m a naughty little pervert, I’ve never used nipple clamps. How did I overlook these little gems? A friendly neighbor showed me how to put them on properly, as I’d never embraced the whole nipple clamp thing before. I have useless nipples and well, I never got anything out of being clamped. Or rather I didn’t.

Sunrise on his Face

Briefly schooled by my friendly neighbor, I knew the correct way to put the clamps on. I brought them along to the parade at World Pride, where I met a group of Australian men and after the usual banter, of are you kinky? What are your limits? Etc. I produced the Mister B nipple clamps. The first boy, Duncan, was shy to be clamped; he wanted to do it himself. So I talked him through the process like this.

“Gently grab your nipple and tug it forward a little. Open the clamps and go in behind the nipple. Let the clamps ‘bite’ the flesh and work their own way down onto your nipple.“

This gentle but firm caress is the magic part of nipple clampage for me and, as it turned out, for Duncan too.

Duncan’s face transformed. It was literally like seeing the sunrise inside a human being. He lit up. He was so aroused and changed by the experience, that even a group of slightly tipsy men at Pride were moved. His friend Stewart volunteered next. The same protocol was followed and alas, Stewart’s life was not changed, proving that nipple clamps are not for everyone. When they work, they’re phenomenal. When they don’t, just pick something else. Surprising people at Pride with sex toys was fun, but I knew I had to save some items for when I got home to Amsterdam.

Playing with Eamon

I flew back Monday and saved the remaining contents of the goodie bag for my friend Eamon. We’ve known each other for years and have a great sense of trust in each other.

The leather dog collar was high on my to-do list. I took it out at home with Eamon, and we each tried it on. The collar is made from thick and comfortable black leather. The leash is very short, and this means you can feel really powerful as the ‘handler’. It’s comfortable and I’d recommend to wear it just on a night out, but be sure to bring a handler with you, or you might be led astray.

Combining the collar with the nipple clamps is a double pleasure. You get the pain and pleasure of the clamps while you also have the firm grip of a collar around your neck. It really creates a sense of being owned and heightens your awareness. Eamon really tried to get the hang of the nipple clamps and after two ‘trial runs’ he started to enjoy it.

We took the next item out of the bag, the ball gag. It’s made from a really gorgeous soft rubber; I suspect it might be mixed with silicon. Eamon didn’t really get it; “I like to use my mouth to kiss and to suck, so how can I do that with a ball gag?”

I guess that’s the point when you use a ball gag with someone you trust, they decide when you get to kiss or suck and they decide when you have to bite on the ball gag. The process of taking it off and putting it on is part of the trust building, and it’s really handy to bite down on – if you need to. The breathing holes are also an excellent feature. I remember I got a few people to try it on at WorldPride, and when I gave it a quick wash in hot soapy water; it was as good as new. Cleaning your toys is a really important part of the whole process.

Combining the ball gag with the collar and clamps was an exhilarating experience for me. I’m usually the one in full control, being controlled is way outside my comfort zone and made me think I’m really not as kinky as I expected. That said I’m definitely progressing.

We tried out the lubes and decided that the cream was like a moisturizer. I have sensitive skin and need to be careful with what I put on. This lube felt like it was good for me and though I had to re-apply often, it felt great.The elbow grease was thicker and firmer, a bit like Vaseline. It is probably best used for fisting, but Eamon and myself didn’t quite get there. Maybe next time, with me in control?

Self Discovery

The overall experience of taking a bag of kinky gear to World Pride was fun, and I think I’ll do it again. It’s a great way to speak to total strangers, and it changed the life of one young Australian hottie. Trying toys out at home with a trusted friend was a far more rewarding experience. We had that essential trust connection and were very open to trying new things.

I always thought I was a kinky little pervert; to discover that I’m far less experienced has encouraged me to keep trying new things. If you try one or two things from the goodie bag of life, maybe you’ll have a life changing experience like Duncan. So, even if you think you’re not that kinky, you could discover that what you firmly believe about yourself is totally transformed with a nipple clamp and a ball gag.

Over to you!

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