It’s true that you’re always seeking balance in your partnerships, and this month is no different. Week 1. You can make a fantastic new impression on someone special. Single or newly dating? Be on your best behavior. You both can show a little more love, from flirty texts to whispering in each other’s ear in week 2. Communicate what you want but also be willing to back it up with action. Something is shifting for the better here. Partnered? See that your plans are moving forward due to the excellent work you’ve done on building trust. Being in love is great, but remember, your partner is human. He’s not perfect. Week 4. Don’t blame each other when tensions are high. Leave work problems at work and don’t bring them home. At the end of the month, you’ll be laughing and having a great time again due to an aspect that supports sweet conversations. Sharing your favorite moments from your life together allows you both to become more intimate with each other.

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