You’ve been itching for a change. Revamp, renew, or just plain find someone new, honor the urges that threaten to overwhelm you. Let’s get real; it’s time for that sudden love affair that comes out of the blue. Week 1 – You must decide between a “happily ever after” companion or a romantic fling. The Full Moon is a game changer, and it most definitely will be romantic. Week 2 – The Quarter Moon sends you running toward an erotic adventure with that ‘unique’ and wholly irresistible new interest you’ve spotted. Week 3 – If you don’t do it, you dream about him throughout the night, and you may hate yourself in the morning. Single Libras – Go with your instincts all the way to the doorway of a sizzling encounter. Week 4 – Beware the Quarter Moon, as one critical comment could upset all the yummy love.


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