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 Leo - Lion Heart

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Sun

Erogenous Zone: Back

Best Traits: Loyal, Loving & Good Leader

Worst Traits: Bossy, Pompous & Vain

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Well hello Mr. Leo, I dated a Leo once. He was the life of the gay party and for a good reason. His personality was magnificently magnetic, and his charming ways got him in more trouble than he liked to admit. Of all the signs, Leo is the one most focused on pleasure. (Ahem.) He's happiest seeking it, acquiring it, and then living his life soaked in it. Giving and or receiving as long as it feels good. He's known to his friends as the one most likely to fall in love overnight, prefers being the sandwiched meat and not the bread in a 3-some (extra mayo on the side), and he often has difficulty pulling back all his big dynamic feelings for his crushes. Don’t reserve the chapel yet, Mister Leo. Don't order the rings. I'm sure you'd love the honeymoon, it's just the marriage that leaves a strange taste in your mouth. Luring a (new) romantic interest into a state of bliss, using only words, is an art form that you've perfected, Mister Leo. Let your prey sample seduction during the Lunar Eclipse of August 7 and a hot month is guaranteed. Watch you guys dash down the road to that independent, uninhibited relationship you've always wanted. It's nearly impossible to tame you, but in August you might just encounter a particular person who turns a flirtation into a commitment in a flash. To casual observers, you appear to be a smooth operator, hard to catch, but his words or sensual maneuverings manage to stick. And this situation gets even stickier. The Solar Eclipse in your sign on August 21, full of its sticky sweet and sexy fantasies, draws you closer to him. This whole month is about long-term loving. Your innovative spirit keeps the fires of sexy love burning bright through all those hot August nights. Enjoy! Krystella, The Fortune Tella'


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