For Leos, it’s time to get serious about a new relationship or one that’s been around for a long time. Week 1. Look deep inside and see if what you have together is fulfilling. If not, week 2 has you thinking about moving on or adopting a new method of getting closer. Single?Find success by increasing communication with new dates and take decisive action to achieve your amorous intentions. Someone’s got their eye on you, too, so make sure you investigate further. Week 3. Find common ground on dates. Being a little too flamboyant could scare someone off. Partnerships find week 4 a little trying, as agreements you thought you’d made become questioned. The end of the month has you reconnecting romantically with texts and messages; make some needed changes to what you have together. Happiness ensues when you’re honest enough to say what’s on your mind and listen with an open heart. Your partner appreciates your efforts.

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