Leo, you are the sign everyone secretly wishes they were, The Lion! You’re the life of the gay club, and for a good reason, you’re a fucking lion, Roar! Your personality is downright magnetic, and your charming ways sometimes get you in more trouble than you’d like to admit.

Of all the signs, you’re the one most focused on pleasure, and you’re happiest when you’re seeking it, acquiring it, and then living your life soaked in it. You’re known to your friends as the one most likely to fall in love overnight, and you often have difficulty reining in all those big and dynamic feelings for your crushes. Don’t book the queer-friendly chapel yet, Leo. And try to keep it in your pants for once.

You are a ferocious fire of love and energy. This month is no different, but you connect with a handsome and charming Aries, he will try to corrupt you. If you’re OK with that, you could have fun, but if you ain’t in the mood for hi-jinx, block that ram bitch and get busy enjoying your magnificent life.


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