Week 1 – Surrender and prepare. Full Moon. Does it shine its bright, hot light on the house of one-on-one intimacy? In typical Leo style, with all the illusion of a love affair working for you, you become too devoted to a partner too quickly. You have a blank page on which to write your romantic story. Your exotic encounter turns into a contest for best performance in love making or storytelling. You do like everything to be larger than life, don’t you? Week 2 – A Quarter Moon. You exceed your previous writing skills. Week 3 – A New Moon in intellectual Virgo. Nothing but the best will do for your love interest. Being the most dramatic lover of the Zodiac can be a burden, as you want love to be a passionate encounter and also a spiritual heightening of the senses. Intensity, intimacy, lofty dreams, and if it hasn’t already happened, contemplate plunging into this affair heart and soul. Share Share Share Share.


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