Mister Leo, for you there’s no bad time for romance. This month, you’re facing some significant changes in love, especially in week one. If you’re in a new relationship or have been together for years, this week urges you to strengthen the connection you have. A single Mister Leo looking for love?  Use your big heart and charm to make it happen in week 2 when you can do no wrong. Get off the computer and meet in person. You’re much better live than digital. Your funny little stories never fail to impress. Just be careful you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Even seemingly harmless jokes could go the wrong way and ruin everything. You might want to use your mouth in other ways. By week 3, try not to feel that you’re behind somehow, or need to catch up in romance. Things cannot be rushed anyway. Everyone benefits in week 3, when dates turn passionate, and even quiet nights on the town become much, much more. Your intimacy may get pretty intense sometimes. If you need a break, get some private time on the 26th to hang with friends.

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