Lady Galore - Gay Skiing and What to pack? Snow Dress

Lady Galore – Gay skiing and what to pack?

Lady Galore, the internationally acclaimed drag diva, speaks to PLANETROMEO about gay skiing and what to pack. Oh, and what to leave at home (your dignity). Let’s get the inside info on what really happens at European Gay Ski Week. If you’re planning to go to EGSW we have a handy discount code below.

The Interview

Lady Galore - Gay Skiing and What to pack? Ravishing Beauty

So, who is Lady Galore?

“I’m Lady Galore…. The one you want to shag, date AND marry! I’m 24-ish years old. I live in Amsterdam. But being an international traveling diva is what I do. I host big drag stages and events. And if you want to see my d*ckpics go to my Instagram.”

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Lady Galore - Gay Skiing and What to pack? Yellow Dress

Packing for Gay Ski Week

What does Lady Galore take in her luggage for skiing?

“Apart from the obvious: sunscreen, my winter bathing suit and lube, I usually bring lots and lots of wigs. Can’t go skiing without your best updo! And a pair of sensible snow-heels!”

What will you be doing for ski week? or whom?

“Ooooh, you know me very well! Haha. Well, I’m in charge of the Cabaret, and making sure there are amazing drag queens at every occasion, at every time!”

Lady Galore - Gay Skiing and What to pack? Sun Glasses

Essential Travel Kit for any Ski Queen

What should attendees pack for EGSW?

“Well, to be honest: this will be my 3rd time, and I never actually went skiing. So, I imagine: hard liquor to keep warm. And maybe a good selfie light for those totally unposed, in touch with nature, social media moments.”

What not to pack?

“Your mother-in-law.”

What is the must-see event/show of that week?

“I am! But apart from me, I would say: Definitely come to the Cabaret’s Drag Night. With Sweden’s hottest drag star, Admira Thunderpussy, Parisian drag sensation, Cookie, and so much more. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Joe Black perform. So many gorgeous Queens are going to be there like, Cheddar Gorgeous and LaDiva Live. Oh and, I’m so excited to see the Burlesque night at the Cabaret.”

Some Juicy Questions

The best strategy to find a guy in a gay ski village?

“Step 1: Step out of your accommodation… that’s it.”

If you run out of lube, what can you use? Fondue!

“I tried that. Yummy but sticky… and do you really want more cheese down there?”

Lady Galore - Gay Skiing and What to pack? Jump Suits

Will you be skiing? in drag?

“😒 I thought you knew me!”

If a drag queen falls in the snow, does her face come off?

“Actually, no. It does leave a nice print though.”

Anything else you’d care to add or mention?

“My room number, once I know where I’ll be staying. “

Lady Galore - Gay Skiing and What to pack? Snow Goggles

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Want More Lady Galore?

See Lady Galore in-person, March 17-24 at European Gay Ski Week in Les Menuires, France. Or, follow her Instagram for fabulous pictures and a splash of magic. (The actual d*ckpics are on her Twitter!)

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