Krystmas Message





Hello Romeos,

I know that there’s a whole lot going on in the world right now. Not only are we getting ready for a New Year, but it’s holiday time for many people too. We’re all deep in the winter season and so we make light. The ritual of making light is symbolic in so many ways, I’d love to go balls deep into this, but it’s Christmas and folks have a lot to do. Lets keep it simple – light feels light. And we’re gonna keep it light, too.

No matter if you celebrate or not, this time of year makes it easy to relax and do some self-reflection. While I sit by my fire, I like to gaze into the flames and send my love out to my people. I see that we’re all striving for the same things in life: some food, shelter and a lot of love. The adventure lies in getting these things but also keeping all your balls up in the air, while carrying a tray of glass hearts and needing to scratch your nose. And just when you think everything is going to hell in a handbasket, a miracle comes along and saves the day. There must have been a miracle because you’ve made it this far. Right?

Well, there’s always some poor soul out in the world who’s worse off than you. Like The World Tarot card says, that’s just the way it goes, some years you’re up, some years you’re down. Love is light, and light is love. Let them both shine and share your love. Let it run all the way over your bum and down your thighs, finally surrounding your toes. Let it keep you warm all year long. Love yourself, love each other.

You don’t have to make yourself and everybody around you crazy, trying to save the world. Just sit your narrow ass down and make the place you live in, a better place to be. Be the fabulous gay man you wish to be.

A universe of love and light to all of you gorgeous gays.

May the New Year shine bright for all of us,