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Blessed with universal affinity and a deep understanding of glamor magazines, Krystella has spent her life spreading love and connecting the good folk of Mother Earth. She plans to escape as soon as she can but till then we have her on a celestial contract. She answers your questions about life, love, and anything else right here.

If you contacted Krystella and your specific question is not listed, you may still find an answer that applies to your situation. She receives a lot of enquiries about love, career and money, we select questions to reflect that. Many of Krystella’s responses can be offensive; others may apply to you.



Dear Krystella,

I love your publications on the web. I write you about a nightmare I’ve had several times these last years. I had this nightmare once again this morning. In those nightmares, I am fighting with a feminine figure of my family, most of the time with my mother, or my older sister, or my grandmother. That made me wondering about the “Oedipus complex.” From what I understood, this complex is about a man who wants to kill his dad to have his mother for him and only him. That’s not me!

Could you help me to understand the meaning of this nightmare?

Kind regards,

Dear Johann,

Hope you got my full response, this is the short version.

  • You have nightmares.
  • These nightmares involve all the women of your family.
  • You are dreaming about your own feminine struggle.
  • Accept and love the parts of you personality that are female and find harmony.

Sweet & Simple,


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Dear Krystella,

He’s my boyfriend and future husband, but he’s not aware of this. For him, we are just friends just having savage sex sometimes. He’s a holistic operator, he creates health and freedom in people, like a professional does. But he says that, if he falls in love, he cannot more help people to stand by their way, because he first can’t stand his way, losing self-center and falling in love are the same thing for him. Tendernesses are wasted, but this is his philosophy, which I respect.

Do I have to find another boyfriend?

Hi A-man55,

What I understand from your letter to me is this:

  • You’re a booty call.
  • You’re in love with your booty caller.
  • He’s not going to fall in love with you.
  • Deal with it or find another pole to dance on.

Krystelle clear as always,


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