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Dear Krystella,

I love your publications on the web. I write you about a nightmare I’ve had several times these last years. I had this nightmare once again this morning. In those nightmares, I am fighting with a feminine figure of my family, most of the time with my mother, or my older sister, or my grandmother. That made me wondering about the “Oedipus complex.” From what I understood, this complex is about a man who wants to kill his dad to have his mother for him and only him. That’s not me!

Could you help me to understand the meaning of this nightmare?

Kind regards,

Dear Johann,

Well looky look, it’s time to peek inside your dreams to make sense of your reality. I have pressed my soul to the stars and sky, and I’m ready to advise. First of all, Johann, know that your mother, your sister and your grandma are part of your story. Dreaming about them is natural. Then consider that a nightmare is a dream gone wrong. Your mind wants to rest and tidy up its memories from the day. If you have a worry or something bothering you, it can interfere in your mind’s housekeeping.

You mention the Oedipus complex; it’s a Freudian thing. It does indeed look at the idea of a young man yearning to slay his father and marry his mother. But this can be symbolic. Believe it or not, sugar, the slaying of the father is dealing with your masculinity and marrying your mother is making peace with the parts of you that are female. We all got a bit of him in us and a hint of her too. People, sexuality, gender, it’s all a balancing act.

Jung was a friend of Freud and a pupil; the two had a terrible falling out. I popped to the bathroom when the actual fight erupted, so I’m not sure who said what but they did respect each other as professionals.

Jung had a client who often dreamt of a disgusting woman smoking a cigarette. The client was worried the woman in his dream had something to do with his wife. With a lot of exploration Jung and his client came to the realization that this masculine man was dreaming about his own femininity. He was so disgusted by the idea of being in anyway female, that his lady half was starved of love and calling for help in his dreams.

Maybe your dream is the lady half of you, reaching out and saying, Johann, I need your love too. Experiment with the feminine side of yourself, it can’t hurt, and it may diminish the nightmares.

Let me know how it all goes and give my love to your family.

Kisses to all sides of you, the male and the female and anything else that’s in there,





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