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Dear Krystella,

I’m anxious about my nonexistent love life. I’m 26 years old and have never had a single serious relationship. Also, I’m still a half-virgin (just oral sex). I decided to invest my time in my career, work, and family.

Solo in Mexico

My Sweet Mexico Baby,

Let me tell you something. You can’t control love. You’re 26 years old, want a serious relationship, but when you wrote this letter to me, you were still a half-virgin. It’s honorable to put your energy into your career, work, and family, but you chose for a nonexistent love life at this time. If you’re not happy, then choose again. I’m sure you’ll agree that you need to balance things out a bit.  Every person on this planet needs some love.

I wonder if you’re making yourself clear enough to the people you chat to and try to date. No matter how good your clothes are, how smooth your babble is, or how captivatingly you perform, people will eventually see the real you. Most of these people don’t lose interest because you are not attractive. No. They lose interest because you only show a façade – you don’t show people who you truly are.

Everyone is attracted to bling, but it’s just flash and dash. If you want a serious relationship, it’s time for you to get serious. When you learn how to read minds, then you can also give all those men exactly what they want. But until then, you have some time to get to appreciate your Self. Go deep and look inside. You’ll find YOU. Embrace YOU and show the world who YOU are. Trust me when I say, more than one person will come and ask you to dance.

There might be a reason you feel that you need to hide who you are and I won’t judge you on your decisions or choices. Those things can always change. I’m sure there are places where like-minded individuals meet up to dance, chat and drink. I think they call it a bar, but if your career allows you the luxury, consider joining a gym, country club or community center.

You say that you hate people who don’t try to capture your attention. Hmmm. Well, whose attention are you attracting? Getting to know someone takes longer than ordering a cheap hooker. You need to allow things to happen. Get out of your own way.  Stop judging and realize that you’re projecting your frustrations on the world you see.

If you want a hot monkey love, that makes you laugh and dance on your inside parts, then find out what makes you laugh on the inside. To attract someone who challenges your political views while dancing the salsa in pink chaps and slingback stilettos, you might want to be patient. That type of man is a delicacy and not found on every corner.

Much Love,


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