Krystella’s Homoscopes

 Pisces, Piranha of the Zodiac

Krystella has many talents, revealing the basic truth, finding love in the dark and interpreting dreams. Each month our resident clairvoyant reads the stars to bring you a message of love, sex and prophecy. This time she’s hooked a fat worm to tempt fishy, slippy, Pisces, but will you bite?

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Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Erogenous Zone: Feet

Best Traits: Compassionate, Imaginative & Intuitive

Worst Traits: Manipulative, Escapist & Passive


Hey, Mister Pisces-Man,

You’re the fishiest of all the signs, and I speak from experience like I always do! You can be so trying at times and for so many reasons, that I don’t know where to begin. I offered one of these creatures my eternal love in a physical way, and it nearly drove me insane. And not in a good way either!

Illusions? Yes. Dreamy? Yes. Believes in magic? Yes. Imaginative Healer? Yes, but be careful he’s not trying to heal you with his illusions, dreams or magic. These men can often be found working in a helping or healing type of profession, as social workers, hospital-like environments and on the front lines of AIDS advocacy. They do have a healing touch that is very helpful when working with the aged and the sick.

You can find gay Pisces fellows also working in the arts. Their imagination knows no borders, which is why they make great performers, writers, and artists. Their art becomes pure, emotional, and immediate. Pisces men struggle to fit their talents into the “real world.” It’s not easy, but if someone believes in them, they can make it.

Pisces can be a 24/7 feelings party. An emotionally sensitive man is not necessarily the best match because Pisces is an emotional rollercoaster ride. From head over heels, jumping on cloud nine kinds of in love to burning hate for eternal ball and chain that your undying love has become are just two of his emotional extreme.

When a Pisces is incredibly empathetic, he tends to carry everyone else’s burdens for them, in addition to his own, whether he’s dating them or not. He’s always trying to find himself (even in others), and he might regularly find himself in someone else’s arms because when he crushes, he crushes hard and frequently. He has a tendency to see the best in people and gets caught up in the fantastical version of reality, which means a shit relationship for him might still look like sunshine and daisies. Because of all of his feelings, he’s a super caring partner whose loving nature is always attractive (as long as he doesn’t project those emotions onto others).

A protective feeling and sympathy from his partner will hook the Pisces-fish. A Pisces in love becomes lost in an ecstatic dream. And, since love and sex are one and the same for Pisces, sex is a beautiful fantasy you want to merge and blend with your partner, to become one. A Pisces man will see you like art or meat, something to be consumed./span>

Seductive and romantic, his fluid nature sees no boundary between himself and his beloved. But, all too often, the dream turns out to be merely an illusion. Each time you fall in love you believe you have found your soulmate. You give yourself body and soul to your beloved. Dreams, however, can quickly turn into nightmares when you finally realize that all is not what it seemed and the illusion shatters. You tend to live an “if only” life, dreaming endlessly of what might be and fantasizing about the perfect love affair. Not surprisingly, everyday life usually fails to measure up to your dream world, and the relationships you enter into with such hope fail to fulfill the fantastical promise that they hold in your mind. Pisces has a tendency to cling to the past, and to lovers, and never actually severs the bonds. I dated a guy for two years who never got over his first love when he was five years old. I can’t compete with his illusions and romantic memories of a magical five-year-old lover from the past.

Pisces man prefers to enjoy sex with an experienced and lusty partner. He can readily accept his whims and follow his rules in love making. In bondage play, Pisces will be a submissive, who will treat his dominant and carry out every duty of his master. He has exotic tastes in sexual preferences of sex toys. Pisces man likes to satisfy himself using love dolls and vibrating openings, which give him a possibility to make his deepest dreams reality. Many Pisces men are ready to go beyond the boundaries and try something harder like BDSM play. Bondage play can be that biggest turn on which helps him to explore a new world of unknown sensations. That’s why he will agree to play a passive role only to find out the magic of pain and pleasure experience.

Big Wet Fish Kisses,




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Adam Levine picture by Peter Yang