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Butt Hygiene

If you’ve been here before, you’ll already know Krystella has a little bite in her love and life advice. If this is your first taste of Lady K, brace for impact. This month the all-knowing, wise woman of our tribe is advising on how to clean deeply and still respect your body and your booty, do you know what I mean?

Krystella receives a lot of enquiries about love, career and money, and  we select questions to reflect that. Many of Krystella’s responses can be offensive; others may apply to you.


How Clean is Clean?

Hello Krystella,

This is something I always worry about but I never know who to ask so I’ll come straight to the point. Quite simply, when are you really clean enough to have sex and not be worried about an unwelcome smell or brown stain?

My friends told me about washing inside with a little water and I try this, but sometimes it’s still not really completely clean. Also, I’m worried if I wash inside too much it can be bad for me. Sometimes I just don’t eat for a long time before sex but then I’m so hungry I can’t really be myself on the date.

Am I the only one who worries about this?

Please help.

Big Kiss,

Benje from the Philippines.

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 Krystella’s Inbox – Butt Hygiene

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