Dear Romeos,

You are reading the first post ever written in our brand-new “PlanetRomeo Inside” blog (yes, yes, I know, we already posted our App. survey results….but they don’t count 😉 )!

“A Blog? Oh no, not another one of these useless places in the internet where people share their latest and greatest photos from their cats not to forget the delicious meals they had during the day. This might be the reaction of some of you when reading this first post. Well, I promise, all the other posts will have more substance ;), but let me use this intro to explain a little bit why we opened this new communications channel.

In the last few months we introduced many new tools and features such as:

• The new App for iOS and Android

• The PlanetRomeo Uncut App for Android with XXX-Content

• The redesigned start page

• New features for our PLUS package

• The PlanetRomeo Foundation website

In October of last year we rolled out our new app, and well, it was a bit of a disaster. Everything that could have gone wrong seemed to have done so, and more importantly, we didn’t clearly communicate to you what these problems were. In your mails, your reviews, your tweets and your Facebook posts, you let us know you weren’t happy, and we heard you. Did we ever!

The lesson we learned was that when launching such significant changes, it is important that we explain these to you and also ask you for your feedback. This blog is a result. With our new PlanetRomeo Inside Blog we want to open this channel. We want to give you and ourselves a voice and a place to talk about new products or features and share company initiatives beyond our website – “news from the machine room” so to speak.

We want to encourage you to discuss new developments and designs with us, give us some feedback on the latest App releases, and tell us and other Romeos which features you would like to see on our platform, etc.

Of course we will also still support the other social networking tools (e.g. Twitter and Facebook), but our primarily channel is going to be PlanetRomeo Inside, where we want to give all of the various discussions one central platform for communication.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts, discussing them both with us and each other, and we’re looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards from Amsterdam.

Sven – Chief Product Owner