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The entire internet is exploding with stories about Taylor Swift and her new music video, ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’ In close pursuit are stories of Katy Perry’s bizarre, but also epic music video to accompany her ‘Swish, Swish’ track. You either love or hate these pop stars. They both spent a small fortune on their most recent entertainment videos that also feature music. We thought it was worth taking a look at the best and worst of these battling bishes and their fancy music videos.



Taylor’s moved from being a too-sweet-to-be-wholesome country western singer to a huge pop star. She delights in spilling the T on past lovers in every new release and also gets involved in public squabbles with her main competition – Katy Perry. Oh, and she has a love-hate relationship with Kanye and Kim. Is she a good role model? That’s up to you. Is she entertaining? Yes. Is she armed with oceans of money? Yep. Can she continue producing complicated marketing schemes? Ya, huh. And, will she continue to involve the world’s most famous people in her art? Yes. Oh, and will she continue to reference snakes? Yes, yes and thank god, YASsssSssss!



Katy creates music that celebrates the light inside everyone; she tackles bullying, celebrates the underdogs in society and makes fun of herself with her music. In her latest pop track ‘Swish Swish’ she continues to poke fun at her stardom while celebrating the little guy. She definitely has the potential to be a positive influence and good role model, but does she even want to? 



We don’t actually know them or their PR agents/marketing teams. We know what the headlines say about them and what their PA’s tweet on their behalf. So don’t get too caught up in all the bullshit and let’s just enjoy the phenomenal music videos. 


Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor poured a never-ending ocean of dollars into her latest music clip, and it’s a feast for the eyes. It opens in a graveyard with monster zombie Taylor burying her old identity and being generally rotten. Then we see her as the queen of snakes sipping tea, and then goes on to hack a wing off a plane with a chainsaw, because she can. Oh, she also crashes a Maserati into a lamppost and rolls out with a Grammy and an unharmed leopard. Like, sure, she’s saying something, and yeah, it’s a reference to all of the things going on in the press about, and around her, blah blah blah. The important thing – it’s soo pretty.

Swish Swish

Katy’s imaginary loser basketball team go up against a muscle-y basketball team. It references amazing music from the 90’s, it’s a parody of American sports culture and posturing; it celebrates the underdog, and it presents Katy as a loser who will rise above her challenges. It’s a highly credible message, full disclosure I actually prefer Taylor, but I can critique with honesty. Despite a continued effort to knock Katy down, she’s sticking around, so “swish swish bish, another one in the basket.” Cue a collapsing Perry floating in space and a missed basket.
“Karma’s not a liar; she keeps receipts.” Cue Nicky Minaj demanding Katy to pull her crap together. “I’m only rocking queens, so I’m making hits with Katy.” And magically the befallen have risen again (YAWN), and they manage to defeat their muscle-y challengers. Cue more comedy and truly awesome flawless basketball swishing. It’s feel-good fun. The overriding message is, pull yourself together and enjoy life.

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Public Eye

Katy and Taylor grew up in public, so we got to see their graces and their falls. In time, hopefully, they could become more focused on their message and evolve into positive role models like Pink.


Pink is a more fully rounded human, with a clearer sense of self and a more queer-centric message of hope, love and integrity. Check her amazing speech of encouragement to her daughter and all gender non-comforming heroes.


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