Justin - The Human Ken Doll ROMEO Justin Jedlica

Interviewing Justin – The Human Ken Doll

Justin Jedlica is referred to as ‘The Human Ken Doll’ by the American media. He’s a cosmetic surgery pioneer, a living work of art, and an evolutionary experiment of what can be achieved in cosmetic procedures for men. We speak to the man-made doll about his journey and his hopes for the future. The piece of art that is Justin’s own body is never quite finished, there’s always something he’d like to tweak, tighten, revisit or rework. This is part one of a series introducing you to a man who is proud to be plastic.

Justin - The Human Ken Doll ROMEO Justin Jedlica


Who is Justin – The Human Ken Doll?

“The media is really the one that dubbed me with that title. So, I’ve had to find a way to make that OK in my life. Because you know in some respects, people assume that this is like the pursuit of perfection, that I think that I’m better, because some people say that Ken is the optimal form of how a male should look, right? And it all sort of revolves around looks and superficiality. I think that title, is typically what people take away from it. But, I wouldn’t say that is something I strived for in my life.”

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Justin - The Human Ken Doll ROMEO Justin Jedlica

The Real You

Who is Justin Jedlica?

“I’m 6 foot 2 (188cm) and I’m as tall as I’d like to be and still able to be a bottom.”

“For me, my story I think is much more coming from a lower income family and I’ve always wanted a better life. My family just worked. You had to work to support yourself. It wasn’t a choice to be able to decide what your passion was and follow that passion and be able to monetize that. I’ve always adored a lot of things like, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, and obviously, I was always infatuated with celebrity. I was born in 1980 so Michael Jackson was huge, as were Dolly Parton, and Joan Rivers. And a lot of those iconic symbols for me in my youth, all had one thing in common, plastic surgery.” Justin - The Human Ken Doll ROMEO Justin Jedlica

Luxury has it’s Privileges

Was this a way for you to do better in life? 

“So, in my brain, I’m not saying it’s a truth to the world, but in my brain, I very much assimilated luxury, celebrity and fame with plastic surgery; making a caricature of yourself. That was the privilege that came with luxury. And equally so, I was always someone who was really interested in artistry. I was always interested in sketching, sculpting, and painting, but always the human form; always the over extenuated version of the human form, like Tom of Finland.”

Justin - The Human Ken Doll ROMEO Justin Jedlica

The First Cut is the Deepest

What was the lead up to your first procedure?

“So, having said those things as far as my interests with artistry and my enamorment with fame and celebrity, fuse them together and years later, I knew I never liked my nose. It was something I wanted to change. So when I was 17, I found my doctors and my parents didn’t condone it. Originally, I wanted to have my nose done since I was about 14. The tip of my nose was really bulbous and large, so that gave me a lot of social angst. And then when I was about 17, I spoke to a pre-op nurse and I decided I wanted to have that first nose. I wanted it to be extremely over stylized. I wanted Michael Jackson tight, pinched, up-turned, sculpted, so I brought her pictures of Michael and of women who were extremely over sculpted. I had to wait until I turned 18 to get the procedure done, as I didn’t have my parent’s consent.”

Number Breakdown

How many procedures have you had done?

“When the media first became interested 8 years ago, I’d had 190 procedures, but now we’re up to 580, which is a mixture of procedures and surgeries. Some of them, you’re on the operating table, some you can do awake, and sometimes it’s lasers or injections; it’s a multitude of different things that procedures entail. I’ve spent around $600, 000 at this point, so I just look at surgeries and the different tools that you have to know about to understand cosmetic surgery and aesthetics; like you have to learn about your medium to be able to create correct art as an artist.”

Justin - The Human Ken Doll

To be continued…

Next, we’ll delve into Justin’s challenges in finding doctors willing to experiment with male procedures and the risks involved. Find out also about the all important healing process in part two.

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